Back in May, I talked about “The New Digital Campaign for Your Company’s Workers” which challenged readers to gauge their familiarity with TikTok trends and which tried to highlight how unions are using newer social media platforms for their campaigns.

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with the ProjectHR podcast about this very topic.   We talked about why companies should take digital communication seriously, how digital organizing is different and what makes digital campaigns more effective.

ProjectHR is one of those gems out there.  Each week, they do a deep dive into workplace related topics.  For example, a recent episode talked about how sound design can have a major influence on how people work.  Another episode had one of my favorite employment law bloggers, Jon Hyman, on to talk about union organizing trends.

My sincere thanks to the podcast for the invitation.  Be sure to listen on any of your favorite podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts!