UPDATE: The Conference has been postponed until Fall 2011.  

I’m looking forward to next week’s BizBuzz Social Media Conference at the Connecticut Convention Center. I’ll be speaking on the "CEOs Who Blog" panel discussing this blog along with some tips to companies who are considering jumping into the social media scene.


As a fellow Connecticut blogger Ryan McKeen has said before, the Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Libraries’ Newslog, is one of those hidden-in-plain-sight web gems that ought to be discovered more often.  In a recent post, they referenced new reports from the Office of Legislative Research which provides answers to some questions that might otherwise

On Wednesday, May 27th, National Labor Relations Board Chairman Wilma Liebman and General Counsel Ronald Meisburg announced the appointment of Jonathan B. Kreisberg as the Regional Director of the NLRB’s Regional Office in Hartford, CT (Region 34).

Mr. Kreisberg succeeds former Director Peter B. Hoffman, who retired in March 2009.

Employers and attorneys in

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, like most federal agencies, is typically thought of as an enforcement agency, and nothing more. However, the EEOC also has a wide-ranging training program that it rolls out to various cities across the country "to help employers understand, prevent and correct discrimination in the workplace."courtesy eeoc training institute; visit www.eeoc.gov

These seminars, which fall

If you look carefully, you might have noticed something new in the title of the blog.  It now says the blog is written by Daniel Schwartz of "Pullman & Comley, LLC". 

You might be asking: Who? And why are you telling me this? And most importantly, where are the recent developments in Connecticut