There’s a relatively new children’s book out now entitled, "The Wolf Who Cried Boy". It’s a humorous take on the old fable and I read it outloud one evening this week at home.  

I can’t help but be reminded of both the classic and new story, reading all of the hyperbole and hype of the last 24 hours

Another snow day.

The winter continues its white deliverance. But in the meantime, the employment law world never stops.  Here are some items to keep you up to speed on what’s been happenning locally and nationally.

  • The latest projections are that the Employee Free Choice Act will be brought up for debate in Congress sometime

 With another holiday weekend approaching, there’s time enough this morning for a few quick stories about a wide range of employment issues with relevance to employers in Connecticut.  As I look out from my office (and wondering where the snow is in Hartford), here are a few stories to ponder:Copyright 2009 - A view of Hartford and Connecticut River

  • The Connecticut General Assembly is