My colleague, Jarad Lucan (who just won a New Leader of the Law award from the Connecticut Law Tribune!) returns today with a post about the protections employees who testify in court may have. 

Lucan_J_WebMost employers (at least those employers that read this blog on a regular basis) know that it is illegal to

In an unanimous 9-0 decision, the U.S. Supreme Court today ruled Title VII protects workers from retaliation after the employee responds to questions in an internal investigation.  The Court held that Title VII protects those workers who speak out on discrimination during company-ordered investigations, not simply those investigations that arise from an actual discrimination claim. 

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For retaliation cases, an employee’s active participation in another person’s discrimination case has been viewed, in the past, as the threshold to be a "protected activity" under Title VII’s retaliation clause.  That has been watered down in the Second Circuit in recent years.  A new District Court decision today has concluded that simply expressing a