While you might think our department at Shipman & Goodwin LLP would be content to rest on just this blog, my fellow colleagues have actually been passing along tidbits for years in its quarterly Employment Law Letter publication.

The latest issue is now available online here.

I really like the cover article on cameras in the workplace — a topic I’ve touched on a little bit before here and here.

Our opinion is that we will probably see more and more litigation that in some way involves cameras. These days, most adults and many children carry phones or other electronic devices that are capable of recording images wherever they go, including the workplace. However, employers should think twice before prohibiting the taking of photos at work. Today’s activist NLRB has issued some decisions suggesting that such a prohibition may have the effect of interfering with employee rights to engage in concerted protected activity, for example by documenting unsafe working conditions,

The newsletter also focuses on other topics including non-compete agreements as well.  It’s definitely worth a read to catch up on things — particularly in the public sector.