With Independence Day nearly upon us (and with many offices on skeleton crews this week), I thought I would take a very brief look back at a case that has particular relevance to the Grand Old Flag and displays of patriotism in the workplace.

If you’ve never read about Cotto v. United Technologies Corp.,

“Joe, in response to all this NFL stuff, we want you to display U.S. flags at your workstation.”


“Well, then you’re fired.”

Don’t think that can happen? Then you haven’t heard about the Cotto v. United Technologies Corp. case — a long-forgotten Connecticut Supreme Court case from 20 years ago that has particular

While the headlines have been focusing on criminal justice reform and now the state’s projected deficit, a new "hate crime" bill  (S.B. 604) got passed and became a public act (P.A. 08-49) yesterday.  You can download it here.

The Act, which is effective October 1, 2008 is not found in Connecticut’s penal code per se,