Earlier this week, I beat Ohio lawyer Jon Hyman to the punch on a post about Leap Day.  Yesterday, he “returned” the favor, with a notable post on the release of the EEOC’s new guide: Veterans & the ADA: A Guide for Employers

EEOC Releases Important Guide

Jon looks at one issue from the guide, whether employers can give preference in hiring to a veteran with a disability. (The answer is yes, according to the EEOC.)

I would recommend reading the guide in general too. There are lots of other questions that it provides guidance on such as:

  • May an employer ask if an applicant is a “disabled veteran” if it is seeking to hire someone with a disability? (Yes, says the EEOC.)
  • What types of reasonable accommodations may veterans with disabilities need for the application process or during employment? (Perhaps written materials in accessible formats, tests held in accessible locations, etc.)

Of course, some of these issues apply to people with disabilities in general.

Not applicant is going to be Tom Cruise (from Born on the Fourth of July, for those trying to remember the reference).  But for those employers who want to seek out veterans to hire — and there are plenty with many returning from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq — this guide provides some helpful answers to your most burning questions.