This pandemic is exhausting.

There’s obviously the personal: The “work from home” novelty has worn off and now comes to tough part of trying to find the boundaries of work and home.  Each day feels like it is 16 hours long (maybe because it is sometimes).

Then there’s the professional: We’ve continued to see clients with issues that they never thought they’d have to face.  Layoffs, furloughs, reduced pay & hours, and even shutdowns.  Everything has happened in just in a few weeks, it’s hard to remember the issues that seemed important even a month ago.

And there’s the laws, regulations and guidances: I cannot recall another time where the law has changed so dramatically and swiftly over such a short period of time.  For lawyers who like to think through issues, it’s been a massive undertaking.

I’ve have multiple calls with my peers at Shipman & Goodwin every day working through issues such as whether a “dentist” is a healthcare provider exempt from the EPSLA, but also attorneys across Connecticut and elsewhere to hear what they are seeing.

The expression “It Takes a Village” has never felt more true in employment law than in the last few weeks.  A special shout out to some attorneys and HR professionals I’ve spoken with just in the last week: Jon Hyman, Kate Bischoff, Jeff Nowak, Suzanne Lucas, Tracy Coenan, Marc Alifanz, Meredith Diette, Scott MacDonald, Myrna Sessa, and so many more.

So what has been going on the last few days that you might have missed?

Remember: It’s Friday. Be sure to take some time off over the weekend to recharge your batteries. I know I will. It’s been a long few weeks and the upcoming months look to be some of the most challenging we’ve ever faced.

Seeking out help when you need it.  Attorneys can help with the legal aspect, but there are accountants and others who can help with the financial aspects too.

It takes a village indeed.