With little fanfare, the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities updated its website to note that it was giving a blanket 90 day extension of time for all employers to complete the sexual harassment prevention training.

Previously, that deadline was set for October 1, 2020. While it was granting a 90 day extension of time before — it was only doing so upon request.

Now, the CHRO notes that with the Governor extending our state of emergency through February, the deadline for training has been extended to January 1, 2021 for all employers without the need to seek an extension.

This is great news for employers who have been struggling to keep up with the pandemic and other deadlines.

There are several great ways for employers to meet this obligation. But I’ll put in a plug for a newly recorded webinar that my colleague Keegan Drenosky and I gave last week.  It’s available for all employers (clients or not) on our website at just $20 per person.

There’s also a group rate discount available.

You can find it all on our website here: https://www.shipmangoodwin.com/sexual-harassment-prevention-training

Use this extra time to get this done. If you need additional legal assistance, be sure to contact an employment law attorney or any of my colleagues at Shipman & Goodwin LLP.