Judging from the calls I’ve fielded over the last few weeks, nearly every employer is thinking about the impact mass vaccinations are having on their workforce.

The questions (and answers), however, are basically the same:

  • Can we mandate vaccinations? (Yes, with some exceptions)
  • Are other employers considering mandates? (Yes, though they remain the minority for now. More, however, are strongly considering it, particularly after the vaccines are approved for “full” usage. Schools, non-profits, and those who interact with the public in high-risk situations seem to be favoring it along with bio-science companies).
  • What do we do with the holdout employee who doesn’t want to be vaccinated? (It depends.)

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday), I’ll be talking more about vaccinations with some of my favorite public radio folks: Where We Live. (It’s not my first time.)

Employers right now are stuck in this in-between stage where vaccinations are still ongoing but the pandemic hasn’t reached the stage where the disease has mostly disappeared too.  As such, caution remains advised.

One last unknown variable: OSHA is expected to release new workplace safety guidelines almost anytime now. That may change how employers think about vaccinations.

In any event, listen in tomorrow to Where We Live for more.