What a mess.

And I’m not just talking about the cleanup from Tropical Storm Isaias. Hasn’t been much fun without power, internet or reliable cell service.  (I hope everyone is staying safe and gets power soon — my town’s projection was 5-7 days!)

Heck, it’s been tough to even do a blog post about a

Are you willing to bet that your FMLA practices are in compliance with the law? One company recently found out that not all trips to Las Vegas are created equal.  My colleague, Peter Murphy, has this post today that reminds employers that FMLA leave can come in all shapes and sizes. Although the case

We’ve had an illness in the family recently and it reminded me of a topic that most employers (and ICourtesy morgue file - public domain would dare say attorneys) are probably unfamiliar with in Connecticut.  Specifically, Connecticut’s FMLA laws allow an employee to use sick days not simply for themselves, but to care for a family member in certain circumstances.