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What Employers Can Learn From Linda McMahon’s Booking Contract with WWE

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance

With the campaign for U.S. Senate winding up in Connecticut soon, there’s been lots of chatter about Linda McMahon’s role with the WWE.  I’ll leave it for others to analyze political issues arising from her relationship with the WWE, if any, but her relationship with the company provides an interesting backdrop to talk about independent… Continue Reading

Two (of Three) Wrestlers: Give Us Another Shot in Lawsuit Against WWE

Posted in Litigation

Two of the three wrestlers, whose lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. ("WWE") was dismissed late last month, have asked a federal court to reconsider the matter and give them another opportunity to plead their case against the WWE. In a motion to alter/amend the judgment filed late Wednesday (download available here), Scott Levy and Christopher… Continue Reading

Wrestlers Slammed by Court In Lawsuit Against WWE; Suit Dismissed

Posted in Litigation, Wage & Hour

In a closely-watched case, a federal district court last week threw out claims by three wrestlers that they were employees, rather than independent contractors of the World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) in a thorough repudiation of their claims. The decision in Levy v. WWE (download here) is based, in part on the language of the… Continue Reading

WWE Files Its Reply Brief; Time Now For Court to Decide Whether To Dismiss Case

Posted in Class Actions, Litigation, Wage & Hour

The WWE has filed its reply brief (download here) in further support of its motion to dismiss yesterday contending that three former wrestlers "cannot escape the clear language of the booking contracts". For background on the case involving "Raven" and two other former wrestlers, click here.  The brief is filled with lots of "smackdowns" (to borrow a wrestling phrase) chiding the wrestlers about not… Continue Reading

WWE Lawsuit Update: Raven and Wrestlers File Response to WWE’s Motion to Dismiss

Posted in Class Actions, Litigation, Wage & Hour

Many weeks after the WWE filed its motion to dismiss the lawsuit brought by three former WWE wrestlers ("Raven" and "Kanyon" and others — otherwise known as Scott Levy, Chris Klucsartis and Michael Sanders ), the wrestlers have fired back filing their papers opposing WWE’s motion.  (For full coverage of this lawsuit, click here.)  The papers, filed… Continue Reading

Quick Updates: Reuters Article on More Lawsuits, WWE and Wrestlers Lawsuit, Performance Reviews, National Bank Act, Veteran’s Day

Posted in Discrimination & Harassment, Human Resources (HR) Compliance, Laws and Regulations, Litigation, Wage & Hour

Here’s a quick update on some items and topics that have been covered by the blog over the past year: Earlier this week, I raised the issue of whether the rising unemployment rate would also lead to more employment lawsuits. Reuters yesterday released a very good and balanced article on the subject. I shared my… Continue Reading

WWE Lawsuit Update: What You Need to Know

Posted in Litigation

My post on the WWE lawsuit involving three former wrestlers known as Raven, Kanyon and Mike Sanders has drawn extraordinary interest. (Although I used to follow things when I was younger — Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka was among my favorites — I must say I haven’t followed it closely lately.) But along with the interest, I’ve seen rampant speculation… Continue Reading

WWE Lawsuit Update: WWE Files Motion to Dismiss and Discloses Booking Contracts of Wrestlers

Posted in Litigation

UPDATE 10/8/08 – I have posted a FAQ on the lawsuit this morning due to the extraordinary interest in this subject. You can find it here.  UPDATE 10/7/08 – Welcome various wrestling fans (who are visiting by the thousands this morning)!  The links to the contracts are below.  One note to clarify some of the reports… Continue Reading

QUICK UPDATES: WWE Lawsuit, Transgender Litigation, Verdicts on the Rise, Religious Discrimination, and a Special Thanks

Posted in Discrimination & Harassment, Litigation

The Jewish holidays starting tonight encourage reflection. So, it seems particularly appropriate to do some quick updates on earlier posts: The lawsuit against WWE by three wrestlers continues to move very slowly.  Early press reports by another source suggested that WWE would be moving quickly to respond to the claims; they aren’t.  WWE asked for an extension of time… Continue Reading

Wrestlers Claim They Are Employees, not Independent Contractors In Suit Against WWE

Posted in Litigation

As I’ve cross-posted over at today, three wrestlers have sued Connecticut-based World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE) claiming that they have been improperly classified as "independent contractors" and not employees. On Friday, WWE removed the lawsuit to federal court from state court claiming that federal questions are implicated in what would otherwise seem to be… Continue Reading