It’s been a crazy week here for reasons I hope to share in a future post.

But in the meantime, the world of employment law still continues. Here are some items worth reading that I had hoped to talk about further. This brief recap will have to do for now.

  • Want some tips on how to avoid liability for your holiday party? Washington Workplace Law has a post that’s a good place to start.
  • Workplace Privacy Counsel has a notable piece on the balance employers face in dealing with HIPAA and the ADA:  How much medical information is private? The Seventh Circuit recently rejected the EEOC’s view. 
  • The Second Circuit recently handed down a favorable decision for employers on non-compete agreements. The employee had tried to challenge it but the court rejected the argument that an employee’s loss of income represented “irreparable harm”.  Trading Secrets blog has the details here.
  • The SCOTUSBlog recapped the oral argument earlier this week in the U.S. Supreme Court about a case that could help define who a “supervisor” is for sex harassment case purposes.  A decision is expected early next year. 
  • The Workplace Class Action blog discussed whether an employer’s discovery request for Facebook postings of employees, who were part of a claim brought by the EEOC, was a proverbial “fishing expedition”.  A court rejected that argument.