The so-called “Time’s Up” bill that would make major changes to the sexual harassment and discrimination laws in the state — including adding new training requirements — went through final passage at the House on Saturday.  But don’t start changing your policies just yet.

Various news outlets are reporting that a “fix” bill — that is, a bill that will make changes to the original bill — is set to be released today (Monday).  The backers are trying to find another bill — a “vehicle” — where these fixes can be added on to.

What’s going to be changed? As of early Monday morning, it’s still unclear. 

However, if you want a recap of what’s already passed, see my prior post here.

Regardless, the bill that has already passed will require employers to give all employees at least two hours of sexual harassment prevention training; the CHRO will be tasked with coming up with a video program that employers will be able to make available for free to reduce the burden on employers.

In other legislative developments, Governor Lamont signed a bill that will make changes to the state’s minimum wage laws. Those changes start to happen later this year — forcing companies to make changes on the fly to their budget plans.

In addition, as I posted over the weekend, Paid FMLA passed as well and awaits the Governor’s signature. Although some minor changes are expected, none of the additional amendments are expected to change the underlying FMLA requirements that I recapped on Saturday.

The legislative session is winding down this week. Additional employment law-related bills are still floating out there. So stay tuned.