Late last week, Governor Lamont announced plans to move into the long-awaited plan to reopening businesses in Phase 3.

The exact timing is still to be worked out but the target date is October 8, 2020.

Phase 3 will ease some of the capacity limits but we’re still awaiting details in specific sector rules that have yet to be released.

However, the broad outlines of the Phase 3 reopening are as follows:

  • Increase from 50 percent to 75 percent capacity indoors – subject to COVID-19 safety requirements – for restaurants, personal services, hair salons, barber shops, and libraries;
  • Outdoor event venues (e.g. amphitheaters, race tracks, etc.) will increase from 25 percent to 50 percent capacity with masks and social distancing requirements;
  • Indoor performing arts venues will be able to open at 50 percent capacity with masks and social distancing requirements; and
  • Bars and nightclubs will continue to remain closed.

In addition, there are also changes to the size of gatherings planned. They are:

For private and social gatherings, capacity limits will be capped at 150 people for outdoors (up from 100). For indoors at a private residence, there will remain a 25 person limit but if it is at a place of business, it will be at a 50 percent capacity (capped at 100 people).

For graduations and religious gatherings, indoor events will be subject to a 50 perecent capacity (capped at 200 people) with masks and social distancing. Outdoor graduations and religious ceremonies wil have a 50 percent capacity with 6 foot spacing and no cap. Again, masks will be required.

Again, details on all are expected over the next week.  No changes have been announced for offices so the 50 percent capacity for offices will likely remain in place.