As I’ve been going over this week, employers have a lot of new obligations under Connecticut law.

This next one is pretty arcane. (In fact it was on line 12415 of page 408 of the budget implementer bill).

Here’s the new rule:

Effective December 1, 2021 (and annually through December 1, 2024), any employer in Connecticut with 100 or more employees must notify any Connecticut residents about whether such employer offers to employees an “education assistance program” under federal law.

If it does, then the employer must also notify such employees of the benefits included in such program and the manner in which an employee may enroll in such program.

An education assistance program (under federal law) is “a separate written plan of an employer for the exclusive benefit of his employees to provide such employees with educational assistance”.

An employer who does not offer such a program or who fails to notify employees about such a program does not face any direct legal consequences according to this new law. (But there are separate reporting obligations under federal law.)

And regardless, it’s always a good idea to comply with the law.

My thanks to the CBIA for the tip on this one.