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The latest episode of “From Lawyer to Employer”, a Shipman podcast that I’m hosting this season, is now live and it’s all about accommodations and leaves in the workplace.

What we try to tackle, however, are the more challenging or unusual accommodation requests that employers sometimes get. Accommodating someone who is restricted in their ability to lift something is far different than accommodating someone who has ADHD or a phobia or is suffering from “stress”.

Oftentimes, these situations hinge on a particular fact that might be unusual or unique. In this podcast, we look at some of these scenarios, and answer some frequently asked questions such as:

  • Do the federal FMLA qualifying guidelines trump state law?
  • Who is considered a “healthcare provider” under these laws?
  • What are the notification requirements under the FMLA?

Thanks to my colleagues Keegan Drenosky and Claire Pariano who presented on this subject with me last month and joined me in the discussion on the podcast. You can download it wherever you get your podcasts. You can also access a link to it on our sister blog here.