An oft-repeated and only sometimes rhetorical question of employers is: I have an employee that is not meeting performance expectations. I can still fire them, right? 

A recent Second Circuit case strongly suggests the answer to that question: Yes. 

In Chukwurah v. Stop & Shop Supermarkets (Nov. 25, 2009), an employee appealed a District

As a fellow Connecticut blogger Ryan McKeen has said before, the Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Libraries’ Newslog, is one of those hidden-in-plain-sight web gems that ought to be discovered more often.  In a recent post, they referenced new reports from the Office of Legislative Research which provides answers to some questions that might otherwise

Last week, the Connecticut House approved House Bill 5521 (H.B. 5521), which would bar Connecticut employers from using credit reports in their employment decisions such as hiring and firing. 

You can download the bill’s text here

The bill’s main provisions would prohibit employers from asking employees or prospective employee to consent to the