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The Dialogue: What Legislation We’re Keeping Our Eyes On

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If at first you succeed, try it again.  Well, that may not be how the saying goes, but the first back-and-forth post between me and Nina Pirrotti, an employee-side attorney, was so well received that we’re back for another conversation.  Today’s topic: What legislation are we both keeping our eyes out for at the Connecticut… Continue Reading

For Connecticut Employers, First Amendment Case Will Have a Small Impact

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Much will be written about the new First Amendment free-speech-in-the-workplace case decided by the U.S. Supreme Court today. But frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them say nearly the same thing — that testimony by an employee who has been subpoenaed outside the course of his or her job responsibilities is now protected… Continue Reading

Complaints to an Ombudsman Count as a “Public Body” Under Whistleblowing Provisions

Posted in Litigation

Connecticut’s whistleblowing statute (Conn.Gen. Stat. Sec. 31-51m) protects employees who have made a complaint to a “public body”. But what exactly is a “public body”? Well, there is a definition but a recent Superior Court case had to look beyond that to determine if a complaint to a special ombudsman would count. The facts of the… Continue Reading

Avoiding Whistleblower and Retaliation Lawsuits

Posted in Discrimination & Harassment, Litigation

How do you avoid retaliation lawsuits? The true answer is by a bit by luck.  Despite all measures that some employers take, the inevitable fact is that some employees will file suit regardless.  But all hope is not lost for employers.  There are steps that employers can take to reduce the likelihood of a suit. … Continue Reading