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Name that Party When Represented by Counsel, Says the Court

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What’s in a name? To a recent Superior Court decision, everything. But only if you have been represented by counsel. Confused? Let’s backup for a second. A prerequisite to filing a discrimination claim in state court is that the employee file the same claim before the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.  This includes, in… Continue Reading

A Look Ahead: Three (More) Bold Predictions in Connecticut Employment Law in 2015

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Having tackled the predictions in employment law on a federal level, what does the future hold for employers in Connecticut? Besides a debate on Family & Medical Leave Insurance, there are a few things we’re likely to see. 1. New bills at the General Assembly: The first one comes courtesy of Mara Lee over at… Continue Reading

What’s New at the CHRO? Commission Chair Collins Shares His Perspective

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At Monday’s Connecticut Legal Conference, CHRO Chair Gary Collins spoke for a bit about the developments at the oft-maligned agency since he’s come on board.  (You can follow all the tweets from the conference on Twitter using #ctlegalconf as the hashtag.)While he joked that attendees could just read this blog to find out what was going… Continue Reading

A New “CAR” And Other Proposed Changes to CHRO – Can They Get It Right?

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Last year, the General Assembly considered changes to the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. That bill did not receive a final vote. This year, it’s back but recently died in the Judiciary Committee, according to the CBIA.  Will it get attached to another bill? Will it be tweaked further this fall in preparation for next year’s… Continue Reading

Legislative Preview: Will the CHRO Bill Get Passed This Year?

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The short session of the Connecticut General Assembly is set to begin on February 5, 2014. But the jockeying for items to get on the agenda is well under way. The Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities is circulating a proposed bill that would followup on a failed bill from last year’s term. I previously… Continue Reading

Seminar Recap: All About the CHRO

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My colleague, Peter Murphy, was invited to speak at a recent Connecticut Bar Association panel about the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. Peter is well-versed in the intracacies of the agency and I asked Peter to share his insights from the panel discussion below. As Dan noted in a recent blog post, I… Continue Reading

The CHRO: What to Expect When You’re Expecting (a Charge)

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Next week, one of my colleagues, Peter Murphy will be at the Connecticut Bar Association to present a program entitled “CHRO 101 – From Complaint to Public Hearing”.   Full details are available at the CBA website. The program includes a discussion of The Complaint Process, MAR (Merit Assessment Review), and Mandatory Mediation, Responding to the Complaint… Continue Reading

CHRO Statistics Released; More Cases Closed Than Opened

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After my post last week on discrimination statistics (and the lack thereof of CHRO statistics that were publicly available), the CHRO was kind enough to release some additional statistics to me that hadn’t been posted on its website and hadn’t been released publicly before. My sincere thanks to CHRO Principal Attorney Charles Krich for the… Continue Reading

BREAKING: Tanya Hughes Named New Executive Director of CHRO

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The Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities has selected a new Executive Director from within.  Tanya Hughes — who had been serving as the Interim Executive Director — has been formally named the new CHRO Executive Director. According to a press release issued by the CHRO on Thursday morning: The nation’s first state-sponsored civil… Continue Reading

Appellate Court Limits Relief for Whistleblowers But Opens the Door in Discrimination Cases

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Not every case can be a U.S. Supreme Court case filled with sweeping pronouncements on employment law. Indeed, many times the law develops through under-reported cases that you’ll never hear about.  The pronouncements may not be sweeping on those cases, but those cases help clarify a point that had been left uncertain before then and… Continue Reading

BREAKING: CHRO Bill Revised Once More; Compromise Reached and Passage Now Expected

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A new revised bill (in the form of an amendment) to amend the state discrimination statutes and amend the CHRO procedures has been posted on the Connecticut General Assembly’s site this afternoon.  The amendment (8532) can be found in the information for S.B. 1164 A review of the language shows a few changes, including the… Continue Reading

Legislative Update: Minimum Wage and Updated CHRO Bill

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Two quick updates to items I’ve covered before. Yesterday, the state Senate approved of an increase to minimum wage by 75 cents, over two years.  The bill would raise the minimum wage to $8.70 on January 1, 2014 and $9.00 an hour the following year. The Governor has pledged to sign the bill but it… Continue Reading

Employer Alleges “Inherently Conflicted and Irreparably Unfair Proceedings” at CHRO; Seeks Injunction

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A new lawsuit filed last Thursday in Connecticut state court by an employer alleges that the employer’s due process rights are being violated by “inherently conflicted and irreparably unfair proceedings” at the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) — the state agency responsible for investigating and enforcing the state’s anti-discrimination laws.  In the lawsuit, NERAC v. Krich,… Continue Reading

Shelton Challenges CHRO’s Award of Emotional Distress Damages and Attorneys Fees

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Over the years, I’ve openly questioned whether the CHRO has been improperly awarding emotional distress damages and attorneys fees in employment discrimination claims.   Indeed, back in February 2009, I noted “Nearly 15 years ago, the Connecticut Supreme Court came out with a pair of decisions that seemed to put to rest the question of whether the CHRO… Continue Reading

Computer Problems Continue to Plague CHRO

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Over the last year or so, I have been hearing on and off about problems that the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) has been having with its computer system.  Want statistics about how many cases are open or closed? Good luck, I’ve been told.  In fact, the detailed statistics that the CHRO… Continue Reading

When is a Mandatory Deadline Less Than Mandatory? At the CHRO

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Recently, the CHRO provided an update on the status of cases at the commission.  In a comment to the blog, Charles Krich reported “the ratio of cases closed to cases filed is a bit over 90% during the July 1, 2011 to February 29, 2012 period (3/4 of this fiscal year). In FY 11 the… Continue Reading

CHRO Proposes New Equal Employment Opportunity Plan Regulations & Hearing

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The Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) has released proposed new regulations that would require state agencies and the like to create an Equal Employment Opportunity Plan. These regulations would not apply to private employers so many of you can dispense with the worrying. The proposed regulations will replace the current ones. The CHRO… Continue Reading

CHRO Attorney Agrees Emphasis at Agency “Has Shifted From MAR to Mediation”

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Earlier this week, I wrote about the perception among some that the CHRO has been retaining more cases for investigation by letting more cases through the Merit Assessment Review.  These cases that used to be dismissed — mainly “frivolous” ones as  I’ve collectively termed them — mean more headaches for employers who have to spend… Continue Reading

Are Any Cases Getting Thrown Out as “Frivolous” at the CHRO Anymore?

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  As I’ve noted before, the CHRO procedures were changed effective October 1, 2011.  One question that we had at the time was whether the CHRO would be retaining more discrimination claims by employees for investigation — getting past the Merit Assessment Review stage. Previously, employers have had at least a little luck getting plainly… Continue Reading

Numbers Show That Sexual Harassment Claims on the Decline

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Did he or didn’t he? That’s what political pundits and others have been debating the last few weeks regarding presidential candidate Herman Cain.  But a more interesting question is whether claims of sexual harassment are on the rise or not. Indeed, lost in the public discourse is a fact that isn’t talked about a lot:… Continue Reading

The Whole New World of the CHRO in a Powerpoint (Program Recap – Part II)

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Yesterday, I recapped part of the CHRO program on the new Public Act 11-237 which revises the procedures for processing and investigating complaints. Next up was CHRO Principal Attorney Charles Krich.  (Careful blog readers may note that he comments on the blog from time to time.) First off, Charlie gets kudos from me just for… Continue Reading

Imagine If There’s No CHRO. It’s Not Easy If You Try.

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Imagine there’s no ….. A few years ago it would have been unfathomable to be considering life in Connecticut without a Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.  After all, it is a necessary step in filing a discrimination complaint in this state. Imagining a Connecticut without the CHRO? No way. But suddenly, dramatically, here we… Continue Reading

The Basics: What It Takes To File a Employment Discrimination Lawsuit

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Newspapers this week seem enraptured with the idea that an employment discrimination lawsuit is news. It shouldn’t be. Why? Because all that a discrimination lawsuit is — by its fundamental nature — is a set of allegations against an employer. Nothing more, nothing less. That doesn’t mean, of course, that each lawsuit that is brought… Continue Reading

CHRO Executive Director Acknowledges Past Shortcomings, Promises Changes

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At a packed gathering last night, new CHRO Executive Director Robert Brothers, Jr. did his best to defend the agency over the past mistakes while urging that he not be judged on that past history. He acknowledged in a meeting of the Connecticut Bar Association’s Labor & Employment Law Section that there "have been a… Continue Reading