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A Rare Look Into An Employee’s Duty of Loyalty to the Employer

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After nine-plus years of writing about employment law in Connecticut, it’s getting to be pretty rare to find a topic that I haven’t at least touched upon, but here’s one: The Duty of Loyalty. Indeed, a new Connecticut Supreme Court case is giving me the opportunity to do so. The case arises from an employee who,… Continue Reading

Protecting Confidential Information from Untrustworthy Employees

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My colleague Gary Starr returns today with a story worth reading about the need for employers to secure confidential information.  Although it is based on Massachusetts, the concepts it covers may have some carryover to employers elsewhere as well.   Employers that maintain records of their employees and customers and allow employees have access to confidential… Continue Reading

Can You Keep a Secret in Human Resources?

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Earlier this month, The New York Times ran another column in its Workalogist series that asked the following question: Are conversations with a human resources department confidential? I’m contemplating retirement in about three years and would like to gather benefit information from human resources now — but I do not want my supervisor to know…. Continue Reading

“Pay Secrecy” Bill Goes Above and Beyond Other Proposals

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As I said before, the notion that this might be a quiet year for employment law legislation at the Connecticut General Assembly has long since left the train station. Indeed, we’ve appear to be swinging completely in the opposite direction. Anything and everything appears up discussion and possible passage this year — including items that really stood… Continue Reading

EEOC’s Lawsuit Challenging CVS Separation Agreements Is a Big Deal

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My good friend, Jon Hyman of the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, probably said it best this morning: I try to shy away from hyperbole, but OH MY GOD, THIS CASE COULD BE RUINOUS!!! Yeah, pretty much. So, if you — like me — have been tied up with day-to-day affairs for a bit, or thinking how tomorrow’s snowstorm… Continue Reading

What’s New at the EEOC and NLRB? Your “Confidential” Investigation Is At Risk

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Two stories over the last few weeks have been percolating that may be of interest to employers in Connecticut.  You may not see the impact immediately, but the implications are certainly there. First, the EEOC is now looking to conduct more direct investigations — that is, investigations that are initiated without any claim by an… Continue Reading

The “Standard” Provisions in an Employment Settlement Agreement

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The title of this post is, of course, a bit misleading.  Any lawyer will tell you that each employment case you may have is unique and that any settlement must take into account the facts and circumstances of the particular case. All true.  And, if your company is negotiating a settlement, you ought to have… Continue Reading

Employers Checking Employee E-mail: The Split Continues

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance

Last year, employers were taken aback when a New Jersey court ruled that an employee did have some expectation of privacy of e-mails she sent to her attorney using work computers.  The case, Stengart v. Loving Care Agency became one of the most talked about cases of the year.  Last week, a California court came… Continue Reading

The Report of the Death of the Confidentiality Clause Is Exaggerated

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Former Hartford resident Mark Twain once wrote: "The Report of My Death Was An Exaggeration". The same can be said, I believe, of reports from a case out of Florida on confidentiality.  Rick Hayber, who writes the Connecticut Employee Rights Blog, discussed the case earlier this week and asked for my views. In the case,… Continue Reading

Breakfast with NLRB Regional Director – (Part 3) – What Issues Should Employers Be On the Lookout For?

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance, Labor Law & NLRB, Laws and Regulations

In posts earlier this week, I’ve discussed what the NLRB’s Connecticut Office is doing and what to expect for 2010.  But as I continue to recap the breakfast I attended earlier in the week with NLRB (Region 34) Regional Director Jonathan Kreisberg, of particular importance to employers was the discussion about what issues the NLRB… Continue Reading

Yankees Mull Non-Disparagement Clauses, but What Does One Look Like?

Posted in Human Resources (HR) Compliance

With the Super Bowl over, there are many in Connecticut who would love to start paying attention to baseball (after all, pitchers and catchers report to spring training in about two weeks). Fortunately, there’s been plenty of drama for New York Yankees fans this week with the release of former manager Joe Torre’s new book,… Continue Reading