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Employers, Employees and Reasonable Accommodations: A Webinar

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Tomorrow, I’ll be part of a webinar produced by the American Bar Association on reasonable accommodations under the ADA.  You can still sign up here. The topic page for the webinar gives a fairly concise summary: A reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is any modification or adjustment to a job or… Continue Reading

New Model Rules Make It Unethical to Discriminate

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As I have for over a decade now, I attended the American Bar Association’s Annual Meeting last week serving on the ABA’s House of Delegates – the organization’s main governing body.  My exact position is actually State Delegate — a position that nominally makes the lead delegate of Connecticut’s delegation, though in practice it’s much… Continue Reading

Thoughts on Connecticut’s Congressional Delegation, Despite Inaction by Congress

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Last week, as part of my work with the American Bar Association, I had the opportunity to meet with all of Connecticut’s Representatives and Senators in Washington, D.C.  Most were available in person, while I met with senior staff in a few offices. It was a truly rewarding experience. We talked about helping to ensure… Continue Reading

Domestic Violence Awareness: Resources for Employers

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This post is not going to discuss, in my view, the NFL’s inadequate response over the years to domestic violence incidents by players in the league.  (If you want to listen to a full take down of the NFL, I recommend Slate’s The Gist podcast from yesterday.) Rather, I want to talk today about how… Continue Reading

ABA Approves Model Workplace Policy on Employer Responses to Domestic Violence

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One of the roles that I relish is being a member of the American Bar Assocation’s House of Delegates for several terms now.   The ABA adopts certain policies at its Annual Meeting and uses its bully-pulpit to try to get such policies enacted at the federal, state or local level.At this year’s meeting, which took… Continue Reading

ABA Adopts Principles of Model Business Policies on Labor Trafficking & Child Labor

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As I’ve highlighted before, I’m fortunate to serve as a delegate to the American Bar Association House of Delegates, which meets twice a year. I was less fortunate that the Midyear Meeting this year was in Chicago, which was even colder and snowier than Connecticut. At Monday’s House meeting, there were several resolutions passed. The… Continue Reading

ABA Journal Puts Blog In “Hall of Fame”

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With the holidays here, it’s time to say a quick thanks to all of you who have stuck with this blog for well over 6 years. Earlier this month, the ABA Journal — the flagship publication of the American Bar Association — once again named this blog as one of the best law blogs in… Continue Reading

ABA Journal Blawg 100, Again.

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2009 was a fluke. 2010 had to have been a mistake. 2011 was the time they forgot to update their 2010 list. So what about 2012? Well, could it be that this little blog from Connecticut actually deserves to be on the ABA Journal’s Blawg 100 as one of the best law blogs in the… Continue Reading

Secrets of the ABA Labor and Employment Law Annual Conference

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The American Bar Association’s Labor & Employment Law Annual Conference is going on right now in Atlanta, Georgia.  As I’ve recapped on this blog before (here, for example), there are some terrific programs and educational opportunities there.  I wasn’t able to make it down this year, but due to the wonders of technology, I’ve been… Continue Reading

The Inspiration of Morris Dees

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I had the opportunity to represent Connecticut as its State Delegate at the ABA House of Delegates meeting in Chicago on Monday and Tuesday. While some of what we did will be of interest to lawyers only, the ABA presented its highest honor, the ABA Medal, to Morris Dees. Many… Continue Reading

The NLRB’s Obsession with Social Media Continues

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A confession. I’m a little tired about writing about social media and labor law.  Perhaps you are a little tired about reading about it too. Unfortunately for us both, expect a lot more about it over the next years because the National Labor Relations Board has social media in its sights and its not letting… Continue Reading

ABA Objects to Proposed “Persuader” Rule Changes by Department of Labor

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The American Bar Association submitted a letter today to the U.S. Department of Labor to express its “serious concerns” over a proposed rule that would “substantially narrow” the longstanding interpretation of what lawyer activities constitute “advice” to employer clients. Currently, most work from attorneys is exempt from the substantial reporting requirements in federal law that… Continue Reading

What the Nation’s Lawyers Propose For Employment Law

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When the ABA last visited Toronto in the 1990s for its annual meeting, cell phones and the Internet weren’t in heavy rotation.  What a difference a decade makes.  And, except for the mobile service providers who likely made thousands of dollars, it was a lot harder to connect than I anticipated.  That, combined with a… Continue Reading

Technology, The Workplace and Bin Laden

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On Friday, I had the opportunity to speak at the ABA National Symposium on Technology in Labor & Employment Law in New York.  In the presentation, I talked about the importance of social media tools like Twitter is having in the workplace and legal profession. I noted how I have used Twitter to get my… Continue Reading

A Witness To Civil Rights History; A Reflection on Our Employment Laws

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Over the last few days, I’ve had the great fortune of attending the American Bar Association’s Midyear Meeting, where I serve as a delegate from Connecticut in the House of Delegates — the organization’s main policy-making branch.    (You can see all my tweets from the meeting at  Earlier this morning, Representative John Lewis… Continue Reading

US Department of Labor Teams with ABA For Lawyer Referral Service

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On Friday, the White House announced a new partnership with the ABA designed to help workers whose complaints aren’t resolved by the U.S. Department of Labor find a lawyer through an ABA-approved lawyer referral service.   According to the ABA Journal article explaining the program:  [B]eginning on Dec. 13, workers with unresolved complaints under the… Continue Reading

ABA Labor & Employment Law Conference Kicks Off Tomorrow; Great Materials Now Available

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The American Bar Association’s Labor & Employment Law Section kicks off its annual conference tomorrow in Chicago and, by all accounts, it appears its going to be bigger and better than ever. Over 1300 people have registered for the conference, and the programming looks first-rate, with NLRB Chair Wilma Liebman, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, and various… Continue Reading

Another Example of Why Your Company Now Needs a Social Media Policy

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Heather Armstrong — depending on your perspective — is either infamous or famous. Infamous, in the sense that in 2002, she was one of the first people fired by her employer for writing about company business on her blog, Dooce. But since that time, she’s only become much more famous, with her spirited writing and… Continue Reading

Research: Employment Discrimination Cases Often Result in Only Small Victories for Some Employees

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At the ABA Annual Meeting in San Francisco on Friday, there was a terrific panel discussion by various researchers who have been looking at discrimination cases brought at both the EEOC and in federal courts.   The program was based on two academic articles over the last few years: One was written by Laura Beth Nielsen, Robert… Continue Reading

Odds & Ends: Where We Live Interview, ABA Annual Meeting, Upcoming Presentations

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Long-time readers of the blog are no doubt aware of my role as a delegate from Connecticut to the ABA House of Delegates. I’ll be reporting from that gathering in the upcoming days. If you’d like to follow the goings on of the ABA Annual Meeting, I’ll be tweeting about it on various account names. You can… Continue Reading

Paycheck Fairness Act – Coming Soon?

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As those who have been following my tweets know, I have been at the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates and midyear meetings. There’s lots of substance to these meetings and you can certainly follow along with the ABA Journal. Among the topics discussed today, was the Paycheck Fairness Act now pending in Congress. If you… Continue Reading

Want Some Great Reference Materials? ABA Labor & Employment Law Section Materials Now Online

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Last year I attended and spoke at the Annual Meeting of the American Bar Association Labor & Employment Law Section.  Over the last few years, the meeting has developed into one of the premier conferences to keep up to date on labor and employment law. This year’s meeting is now going on in Washington, D.C…. Continue Reading

Live From..The ABA Presidential Summit on Diversity: Day 1 Recap

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Today was Day 1 of the ABA Presidential Summit on Diversity being held just outside Washington, DC.  Recapping such a conference in a blog post is impossible; I won’t even begin to try.  But I thought I would pass along some thoughts from the conference’s Twitter feed. So, in response to the question on "Why… Continue Reading

Live from…the ABA Presidential Summit on Diversity: The Next Steps

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I’ll be attending the ABA Presidential Summit on Diversity the next two days in Washington, DC and using Twitter to report on the highlights.   It’s an important topic for employers and lawfirms: What are the next steps we can take to move beyond the current discussion on diversity?  It’s a working summit, so we’ll… Continue Reading