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Election 2016: Three Employment Law Debate Questions for Hillary Clinton

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Yesterday, I offered up three questions for moderators to use during the Presidential Debates to question Donald Trump on employment law issues. Today is Secretary Hillary Clinton’s turn. Secretary Clinton, the National Labor Relations Board has been quite active in the Obama years; in fact, despite the failure of Congress to pass the Employee Free… Continue Reading

Losing an Election May Entitle Officials to Former Jobs

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Since we just an election last week, I thought it would be fun to revisit one of my earliest blog posts from back in November 2007 (!). Let me pose a scenario first. Suppose you work for a mid-size employer in the state and decide to run for a local or state office. Perhaps against… Continue Reading

Four Potential Employment Law Impacts of Obama’s Next Four Years

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President Obama was re-elected to a second term last night (something forecasted by stats guru Nate Silver). What does it mean for employers? I won’t go quite as far as fellow blogger Jon Hyman, who said this morning that “it just doesn’t matter” who won last night.  I think it matters in part. But the impact… Continue Reading

An Updated Employer’s Guide to the Election

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Election Day is nearly upon us.  Much like I did two years ago, it’s time to recap the rules for employers regarding the election.  The polls are open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. for everyone to vote for their favorite candidate…or at least the one that they dislike the least.  You can find out where you should vote… Continue Reading

Sandy Spooks Employers but Will Employers Scare Employees Into Voting?

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Everyone ok out there? What a wild couple of days we’ve had in Connecticut and, for those still without power, it’s not over yet.  Much like Irene and the October snowstorm before it, Sandy has left her mark.  But it’s time to get back to business today. We’re less than a week away from the… Continue Reading

Quick Hits: Election Roundup, Seminar Details, Harassment, and CTDOL Improvements

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As the week draws to a close, it’s time for another installment of Quick Hits, where I highlight a few blog posts worth a read. As readers know, this week I’ve been posing a series of questions to the major party candidates about employment law.  Other lawyers have done the same and Jon Hyman, of… Continue Reading

Election 2012: What Debate Questions Would You Ask Rep. Paul Ryan

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As we continue our series this week of highlighting employment law issues for the candidates, next up is Rep. Paul Ryan.  (For previous posts and groundrules, see here, here, and here.) Your record on the Employment Non-discrimination Act is, to be blunt, muddy at best. You appear to have once voted for passage of the Act,… Continue Reading

Election 2012: What Debate Questions Would You Ask Mitt Romney?

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All this week, this blog (and other employment law blogs — here, here, here and here) are posting employment law-related questions for the major-party candidates for President and Vice President.  Today’s turn: Mitt Romney. (For a recap of this process — and a reminder that these questions should not be interpreted as being “for” or “against”… Continue Reading

Election 2012: Debate Questions for President Obama

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With the Presidential election just six weeks away, we have yet to see any of the major party candidates tackle employment law issues in detail.  That, of course, is not surprising. But as we head towards the debates, I talked with several other employment lawyers who run blogs and we thought we could bring some… Continue Reading

NLRB Suspends New Election Rules After Court Ruling

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Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. – Ferris Bueller Well, did you miss it? Just as people were settling down to the NLRB’s new speedy election rules this month, events over the last two days have completedly upended that. First was the Court action…. Continue Reading

Waiting for the Dust To Settle on New NLRB Posting Requirement

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A lot of people have been writing about a recent court ruling that upheld significant portions of a new NLRB-promulgated poster that will get put up on a wall in some common area. I’ve been reluctant to write about it because, as I mentioned back in the fall, things continue to change on this particular… Continue Reading

NLRB Announces Final Rule to Expedite Elections

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Earlier this month, I posted about new labor law posters that employers need to use, perhaps as early as late January 2012. Now on Wednesday comes news that the NLRB has adopted a final rule amending its election case procedures.  Labor Relations Today reports that this will “shorten the time between the filing of a… Continue Reading

Three Takeaways from Labor & Employment Seminar

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We had another great turnout last week  for my firm’s seminar on labor & employment law.  Many of the topics would be familiar to avid blog readers, but there were three interesting points that I haven’t talked much about that I thought were also notable. 1.  In September, the IRS announced a Voluntary Classification Settlement… Continue Reading

More About the NLRB’s Proposed Rules on So-Called “Quickie Elections”

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This morning, I appeared on Ray Dunaway’s show on WTIC radio (1080 AM) to discuss the NLRB’s new proposed rules on union representation elections.  (A link will be available when it is posted online.) Of course, in 5 minutes, there wasn’t much time to explain everything about it (here’s a summary of the proposals from… Continue Reading

What Might Be The Impact of the State Elections on Connecticut Employers? Mandatory Paid Sick Leave

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There’s been plenty written about what the impact of the federal elections will be on national legislative efforts.  While at an ABA Conference last week, various legislative initiatives concerning independent contractors and the Employee Free Choice Act were now seen as as DOA. But in Connecticut, we elected the first Democrat as Governor in over two… Continue Reading

An Employer’s Guide to Elections: Time Off For Voting in Connecticut And Threats

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Election Day is nearly upon us.   Next Tuesday, hundreds of thousands of Connecticut residents will take to the polls from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. to vote for their favorite candidate…or at least the one that they dislike the least.  You can find out where you should vote at this easy to use link. Any… Continue Reading

History Lesson for Candidates: Recalling Prior State Layoffs and the Seven-Year-Old Lawsuit

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At last night’s gubernatorial debate, the issue of potential layoffs of state union workers was a hot topic of conversation.  (See CT News Junkie for a more detailed report.) Each candidate indicated that layoffs weren’t ruled out if elected.   That’s all very well and good, but none of them have mentioned how a prior… Continue Reading

The State of the Employment Law Practice – “Boom Times” for the NLRB

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The new and improved Connecticut Bar Association Annual Meeting went off without a hitch on Monday, chock full of information about labor & employment law.  Besides my seminar on the intersection of social media and employment law, the CBA held a forum in the afternoon on the "Practice of Labor & Employment Law in the Current Economy:… Continue Reading

A Big Night

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Last night I started crafting a post weaving in the rejection of the Constitutional Convention question in Connecticut, with state election results and the election of Barack Obama.  And yet, in the clinical analysis of what it meant, something else seemed lost — a sense of history and perspective.  Last night seemed bigger than just… Continue Reading

Election Day – Just Vote (Even for the Duck)

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Today is election day and in the pre-dawn hours, I’ll be at the polls supporting local politicians.  As this blog has attempted to remain apolitical, I’ll follow the New York Times columnist tradition and not endorse any politicians here. I’ve run a series of posts about election day and you can find them all here…. Continue Reading

Election Guide Part III – Ballot Question on Holding Constitutional Convention Should Not Slip Between the Cracks

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One of Connecticut’s many nicknames is the "Constitution State", so named for the state’s adoption of the first state Constitution. (Delaware holds the distiction of the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution for those history buffs). But on the ballot in two weeks is a question asking if the state should hold its first… Continue Reading

Election Guide to Employment Law-Related Issues, Part II (Employers and Election Day)

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Election Day is coming in less than two weeks (with today being the last day to register to vote via mail).  For some people, it’ll be the first time that they use new voting machines (The old lever system — pictured here — has been replaced by an optical scanner.) While there are lots of sites discussing the… Continue Reading

Election Guide on Employment Law-Related Issues – Part I

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With the election just two weeks away, employers can start to draw a sharper focus on the national issues at stake in the upcoming Presidential election. That said, much of what will happen will also depend on what happens with various Congressional races.  In other words, even if Senator McCain is elected President, we’re still… Continue Reading

Learning More About the Potential Vice Presidents from Employment Blogs In Delaware and Alaska

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With Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s speech last night, it makes sense to try to learn a little more about each of the vice presidential candidates and how each of them have impacted the state that they represent. For that reason, I wanted to suggest a few blogs that cover their states pretty well. Alaska Employment Law Blog has… Continue Reading