Over the weekend, I became one of an ever-growing club: The Fully Vaccinated.  (A lucky extra dose at a pharmacy was my early miracle.)

By early May, there will many millions more.

What then?

I posted on Twitter over the weekend that being fully vaccinated right now is a strange world that is causing the voices in my head to go “Let’s go outside! Maybe even a restaurant!” and “There’s so many people here! Do we have to?”

Yes, there have many of you that have continued to go into an office or retail store or manufacturing floor. But there is also a good majority who haven’t done much of anything in close to a year.

The shift to full vaccination is a weird one.  Ostensibly I should be able to go back into the office without much worry. But will I? Do I even want to go back into the office every day? What about others?

For a look to our future, look at Israel.  Israel has led the world in vaccinations and has experienced a huge decline in cases in the last month with over 50 percent of the population now vaccinated.  Will Connecticut be far behind? Already over the weekend, the number of cases has started to drop here in the state and hospitals are reporting a slight decline too.

It’s not hard to think that by the end of April we’ll be in an entirely different place.

For employers, one of the biggest questions to consider is now moving front and center: Do we mandate vaccines? If so, when? Anecdotally, I’m hearing from more employers that are starting to consider it.  With vaccines now available to entire working population, what was previously a desire, can now move to reality.

The devil is in the details though.  Employers that are considering it need to be mindful of the exceptions that should be considered for religious or disability-related reasons. But it finally seems like the time is right to at least consider it and consider drafting a policy.

Fully vaccinated is coming quick — and probably quicker than you may realize.   I’m still thinking about everything I can do now.  Baseball game? Dinners with friends? Costco runs?

Employers should start to think about all the things you might be able to do too.