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When Employee Models for Playgirl, Harassment May Be “Because of Sex”

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Late last month, a federal court in Connecticut took another look at the prohibition of discrimination “because of sex” with a case that has all the elements of a “can you believe it” fact-pattern that will surely be used for harassment training going forward. The case involves a male employee posed for Playgirl nearly two decades… Continue Reading

Legislative Recap: Bills Relating to Pay Secrecy and Unemployment Pass in Final Days

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The dust has finally settled from the close of the Connecticut General Assembly on Wednesday.  And it’s time to take a look at the last few days to see what employment law bills passed. (I’ll tackle the changes that have been made to the CHRO in a post later today.) As I’ve noted in prior… Continue Reading

Will “Fifty Shades of Grey” Launch Fifty Hostile Work Environment Claims?

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Back in May 2012, I wrote this about a book that was making its way around various book clubs that was dubbed by The New York Times as “Mommy Porn”. [H]aving someone read [Fifty Shades of Grey] alone during a lunch break, by itself, is probably not enough to establish a sexual harassment claim. The fact that it… Continue Reading

A Note from the U.S. Coach is a Great Idea, But Not a Good Excuse

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First off, let me say that I’m really obsessed with enjoying this year’s World Cup. But Thursday presents some special problems for employers.  The United States Men’s Team has a very important game at 12 ET.  Right in the middle of the lunch hour (or two?).  Beat or tie Germany and the U.S. is through to… Continue Reading

Driving With A Headache: Commuting Time With Tools Not Compensable, Connecticut Court Rules

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In a decision officially released today, the Connecticut Supreme Court (Sarrazin v. Coastal, Inc.) has concluded that a plumbing foreman who carried his tools to and from work was not entitled to be compensated for his commuting time. That’s about the only simple thing about the decision for employers. The case addresses complicated and head-spinning issues such as pre-emption,… Continue Reading

What Makes a Workplace a Great Place to Work?

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The Hartford Courant and Fox CT last week released their list of “Top Workplaces” in the Greater Hartford area. In a column accompanying it, columnist Dan Haar suggests the ingredients that go into a good place to work: Passion, Freedom & Direction. He states: One common thread is a system that shows respect for employees… Continue Reading

Ten of the Best Workplace Songs for Labor Day

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It’s Friday before Labor Day. Is anyone there?  If you are, you are probably watching every phone call and e-mail with an eye towards the clock too.  The unofficial end of summer is upon us (time to get your ice cream soda.) So, rather than recap the basis for Labor Day (which I’ve done before… Continue Reading

First Day of Work: An Employment Lawyer’s Perspective of Onboarding

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It’s been a while since I had a First Day of Work experience. So, of course, as an employment lawyer, I had on my lawyer’s hat as I went through the process myself yesterday. No doubt the first day is filled with excitement (and a bit of nervousness).  People are introducing themselves left and right.  (Was… Continue Reading

Is Being On Time an Essential Function of Job? Second Circuit Says Most Times But Not Always

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I’m late / I’m late / For a very important date. / No time to say “Hello, Goodbye”. / I’m late, I’m late, I’m late. — White Rabbit, from “Alice in Wonderland” (1951) Let’s start with the premise, as the Second Circuit does, that “In many, if not most, employment contexts, a timely arrival is… Continue Reading

Why Don’t You Get Paid For Time Spent Traveling From Home To Office?

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From time to time, there are various questions that keep recurring in the labor & employment law area.  One of them is in the area of travel time for non-exempt employees. (For exempt employees, they get paid a fixed salary no matter how much time they work or travel.) The easiest question to answer is… Continue Reading

Court Bars Use of Fluctuating Work Week to Calculate Award in Overtime Case

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In prior posts, I’ve talked about the fluctuating work week and how it can be a useful tool for employers in limited circumstances.  Yesterday, a federal court in Connecticut had a very interesting ruling that addressed whether an employer — when faced with a suit for overtime by a group of convenience store employees (“clerks”,… Continue Reading

What Are My Favorite “Work” Songs On My iPod? Steve Jobs Knows.

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I’ve been meaning to write a post about work songs since I started this blog.  (In fact, back in 2008, I noted that I would write about it in an upcoming post.  Three years later…) But it never felt important enough. Too frivolous. Just a simple post about songs. I was thinking about that again… Continue Reading

From the CBIA HR Conference: What Happens On Facebook May Not Stay on Facebook

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We had a great turnout and reaction to the presentation yesterday at the CBIA Human Resources Conference in Rocky Hill. My thanks to all who sat in our packed room and the great questions that everyone asked. A few observations from the conference: The lines between work and personal activities continue to get blurred and… Continue Reading

Keeping an Eye on the Church Homes (Avery Heights) v. NLRB Case – Will the Supreme Court Grant Certiorari?

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UPDATED 6/16/09  While all eyes are on the Ricci v. DeStefano case now pending at the U.S. Supreme Court, another high-profile case from Connecticut may end up making its way to the court docket later this summer. The case is Church Homes (d/b/a Avery Heights) v. NLRB and dates all the way back to 1999 when… Continue Reading

The Blackberry Issue: How PDAs Can Create Serious Wage and Overtime Issues

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I love my Blackberry Bold. And I know many others that praise the virtues of an iPhone or other PDA device. But recently, questions have been raised about the use of these devices by non-exempt employees — in other words, those employees who are eligible to receive overtime.  If these employees are reviewing their messages outside of… Continue Reading

So Much for Telecommuting and Four-Day Work Weeks….

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Earlier this week, I discussed the state’s telecommuting practices amid requests from some politicians to expand the state’s telecommuting programs.  In perhaps a slow week for news, the Hartford Courant has continued to followup on its articles and expanded its coverage into discussing the possibility of four-day work weeks — something Utah is implementing. But both… Continue Reading

Legislative Update on 15 Year Old Workers, Workplace Bullying, and Other Labor Bills

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With one month to go in the shortened legislative session, there hasn’t been a lot of action on various labor & employment bills.  Many of the bills I highlighted in the last two months haven’t seen a lot of action or are still awaiting further votes.  This post will briefly summarize where some of the… Continue Reading

Court: Overtime Pay Must Be Paid to Employees Who Work Overtime, Even When Employer Prohibits Such Work and Does Not Desire It

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The Second Circuit released an important decision today that sets forth some new groundrules for employers and particularly placement agencies to be aware of in paying employees overtime.  In doing so, the court has distinguished the long-standing Supreme Court case of Tennessee Coal Co. v. Muscoda Local No. 123 (321 U.S. 590) (1944) and, according to the Court’s… Continue Reading